SURVIVE! Addison’s guide to the zombie apocalypse by Dana Burkey (AUDIOBOOK REVIEW)

SURVIVE! Addison's guide to the zombie apocalypse Title: Survive!: Addison’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
Author: Dana Burkey
Narrated: Brittany Morgan Williams
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian
Publisher: Dana Chauvin
Publication Date: May 2016
Length: 3 hrs and 1 min
How did I get this book: Audio ARC from Library Thing



Description (Goodreads)

Meet Addison! She is a lot like other girls her age. Her interests include celebrities, fashion, and blogging. She loves spending time with her friends at the mall. And her personality is both bubbly and infectious. Not as infectious, however, as Hepfolk. After the deadly Hepfolk virus turned over 80% of the world into zombies, Addison started learning quickly that life was nothing like it used to be. Wanting to help others with the lesson she’s leaned over her months surviving (and likely also missing her blog) Addison has compiled three guidebooks to help others like her trying to stay alive now that zombie roam the Earth. Kicking things off with her top survival ideas, Addison’s tips and hint are sure to get you smiling. Between her antidotes and unconventional advice, you’re sure to be ready to make it until the end of the world after reading Addison’s ideas for survival. Next enjoy Addison’s new post apocalyptic cookbook that is sure to give you new meals and treats to share with the people in your “survival family.” Finally, after realizing just how dangerous and heart breaking living in a world full of zombies can be, Addison writes a final guidebook filled with hard choices and impossible goodbyes. It is sure to be a roller-coaster of emotions as readers watch Addison come face to face what could be her last days on Earth.


My Thoughts

How to survive the zombie outbreak!! Sounds good, right?

This is a collection of Burkey’s 3 Novellas/Short Stories. The first one is I Will Survive: tips and hints to help you survive in this zombie infested world. Book 1 is difficult to explain without spoiling it for you. It is a list of tips if you find yourself out in the zombie world. Addison is writing these tips and leaving them in different safe houses so people can live a better life out in a world that is dangerous and scary. I found myself laughing out loud for many of these tips. Burkey did an amazing job in how she explained these tips and tricks. I also think that Williams got a lot of Addison’s personality when she narrated. Would it be as funny without Williams? I’m not sure, but I am glad I didn’t have to find out.

The second book was Cooking Will Survive: tips to keep your kitchen creations from tasting too “dead”. This was nothing special and found this part my least favorite. Addison just explained how she had to come up with different recipes because food was boring and when there was lack of it you had to be creative. This middle part was just a bunch of recipes and I was pretty happy when it was over.

The final book in this collection was Love Will Survive: proof there is still something to hope for during the zombie apocalypse. This part is neither funny or boring. Addison describes how life really is out there in a world of zombies. How there is still family, friends, and love. This book is filled with sadness. Addison knows that tough decisions have to be made and sad goodbyes have to be faced. She takes us through a variety of emotions.

Overall, I thought this audiobook was good. I would have felt better about it if the cooking part was left out or smaller. I think after listening to the cooking book, I lost the excitement that I started off with in the beginning.


This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via


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