Crude Audiobook

Title: Crude
Author: J. L. Davis
Narrated: S.W. Salzman
Genre: Sci-Fi Contemporary, Apocalyptic
Publisher: Jeffrey L Davis
Publication Date: May 2016
Length: 6 hour 41 minutes
How did I get this book: Audio ARC from Audiobook Boom



Description (Goodreads)

Lock the doors and board up the windows. The power grids are down, food is scarce, communications have been reduced to short range transmissions, and the only sound on the radio is a killer’s heavy breathing.

After a catastrophic incident that abruptly depletes the global fuel supply, Eddie Slate, a local car salesman, finds himself spiraling into an apocalyptic world where the only rule for survival is self-preservation. Alone, frightened and barricaded in the house, Eddie spends the empty hours on a handheld radio searching for a friendly voice. Nobody ever answers, at least not until a mysterious drifter starts transmitting and takes a dark step into his life.


My Thoughts

After the global fuel supply depletes, everything goes to shit. We follow two completely different characters throughout the story and how they react to this disaster. The story shows us how society can crumble leaving you to do things that you would never have thought about.

Eddie was just a guy…pick any normal guy that you would pass on the street. He was just living life like he always did. The fuel depletion didn’t really change Eddie’s life other than stocking and conserving food, plus hiding himself inside his home without any human contact. He just lived his life quietly until he came up against Frank.

(+) It was interesting seeing how different characters acted during this crisis. How some of them evolved and others stayed the same. What people will do to survive.

(+) Salzman did a wonderful job keeping me engaged.

(-) The story was slowly paced for a good potion of it. Salzman’s reading pace was okay, but the story pacing in spot really lagged.

(-) Most time people want full size stories because they are wanting more, but with this book I think that it really should have been a short story. There was just parts that I didn’t want to sit through.

(+) Not always was it predictable. I was shocked to see how certain events unfolded, which was probably one of the reasons that I continued with the story.

I guess from the title I expected a little more. I was disappointed with what I got. I think this story had potential.


This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.


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