I am taking a jump into the blogging world by creating my own meme that I will be hosting.

happy excited gravity falls screaming externally screaming


There was a similar meme like this, but I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any link ups or activity in awhile and I really wanted to do weekly post like this.

Every week (starting on Thursdays) I will be posting 3 books that are on my TBR list that I want to read and YOU CHOOSE which one is the winner. These can be books in any format, on your own shelf, or borrow from a friend or library.


I was planning on doing something like this every week, so I figured I would toss it out there and see if anyone else wants to join me. I will be putting up my post on Thursday  along with a linky so you can link up your YOU CHOOSE post. Don’t feel obligated to post on Thursday, you can link up anytime in the week. Thursdays work better for me so I can announce the book that I will be reading in my Weekly Recap.

So what do you do?

  1. Pick 3 books that you want to read…I say 3 but if you have less or more, it’s up to you.
  2. Post your picks along with descriptions.
  3. Then tell your readers to choose.


Like I said, I will be leaving mine open from Thursday to Saturday so I can pick my winner for Sunday…but if you wanted to go from Thursday to another day…Go ahead 🙂 I am hoping this will help get some reading done so I don’t spend all my time sitting in front of a pile of books trying to figure out what to read.

As this is new to me there will probably be some problems that I will flush out along the way. If you notice any, just let me know. I hope you’ll all join me. Happy Reading.

You Choose



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