May Booktuber/Blogger Recommendations

Beautiful May is finally here along with a beautiful set of recommendations. For those that have just stumbled upon this page…Hi 🙂 Every month I recommend 5 booktubers/bloggers that I think needs some love. Some of these are popular sites, while others are just starting out.

(1) Emily Hornburg is wonderfully kind person. She post a lot of great videos about books and bookish topics. In the month of April she participate in VEDA where she posted a video every day about various different topics.


(2) Brittany @ UnderTheRadarBooks reads mainly adult books, but reads a lovely variety of them. She does wrap-ups, tags, and hauls. Brittany also has an Etsy store where she sells ‘A date with a book’ books.


(3) Robert @RobertReads is one of the few male booktubers out there. Robert has a unique channel where he has an online book club. He picks a books and will do a book talk on that book every few chapters.


(4) YvoYvo @It’s all about books post various things throughout the week. She post wonderful book reviews and also takes part in WWW Wednesday, Teaser Tuesday, and Friday Finds.

She is friendly and comments on other bloggers post. Click the picture (from her site) and head over to show her some love 🙂




(4) 12303915_10154414075429937_640898293456775954_oSam @The Literary Sam is a new blogger that I just started following. Sam does book reviews, book tags, and WWW Wednesday. She reads a variety of books.

Click on the picture (from her site) and head over to check her out.



(5) Book Haunt is also another newer blogger that I follow. They have a very unique blog that works on the haunting factor. They do a lot of book reviews on mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror type of books.


Another month and another great set of bloggers and booktubers. I have a difficult time every month picking only 5 people. I follow so many bloggers and booktubers and I am trying to spread the love.

Do you have any favorite bloggers or booktubers?? If you have a favorite, leave them in the comments so I can check them out 🙂



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