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2016-04-14 (2)

I am starting to think that I don’t have much of a life. When I start looking at what I did for the week I go blank. This week went by so fast that I don’t even remember day to day. I really need some nicer weather. As I am writing this, it is 2°C and I feel like I am freezing. No….I don’t feel like it. I AM FREEZING!! I will tell you the reason I am freezing…I am to cheap to turn my heat on at the end of April, because I shouldn’t have to turn my heat on at the end of April. Well there is my weather rant again. I seem to be having these every week lately.

I have signed up for a free course with a friend about healthy living. I have been feeling like crap over the last few years and in this time I have been putting on weight and losing all energy I used to have. So, I am hoping that this course will give me a jump start into healthy living. It couldn’t hurt. I had to see the nurse this week for a pre-course follow up and it wasn’t a very fun experience. I left her office feeling depressed about how much I weigh and wanted to dive into a bag of comfort chips…but I didn’t. It starts on May 12, so hopefully I will learn something.

2016-04-14 (3)

I feel like I keep posting these 4 books every week in one form or another. I have put them on hold over and over because other books keep popping up that I have to read. Time to start them all up again and hopefully finishing them this week.

2016-04-14 (4)


I had a really good reading week. Every single think I picked up I liked one way or another.

2016-04-14 (5)

I am reading 4 books right now…1 audio, 1 ebook that I read in bed, and 2 physical books. I can’t see me finishing these before the next weekly recap. If by chance I finish them all, then I don’t know what I will read. Maybe I will take a break and catch up on some TV that I have been putting off.

2016-04-14 (6)

2016-04-14 (7)

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  • [May 6] Friday Finds
  • Book Review (?)
  • TBR for Bout of Books (?)

2016-04-14 (8)

2016-04-14 (9)

  • [May 1] Sailormoon Tag
  • Book wrap-up
  • #bookbuddyathon tbr

2016-04-14 (10)

I found all these at my local thrift store. I didn’t really get anything this week, which is probably a good thing since I have to start reading the books on my shelf instead of putting more there.

I did get one free kindle book…well, technically 4 but they came in a box set.

The Cozy Mysteries & Mystery Books Box Set contains the first book in each of the series. What a great little peek into different mystery series. Unfortunately, I just checked and they are no longer free.




That was my week and hopefully the weather will warm up so I can get out and enjoy some sun. How was your reading week? If you did a weekly post link it in the comments so I can check it out.

2016-04-14 (12)


13 thoughts on “WEEKLY RECAP – APRIL 24-30

  1. Is it winter for you Marie? Our Spring (I’m on the South Coast, UK) hasn’t really got going yet – snow and hail last week mixed in with thunder and lightning. It is warming up though!

    I hope you enjoy the healthy living course and can take away things to use in everyday life. At work I walk for an hour a day but haven’t been out on any of the evening dog walks for a while and the pounds are piling on … I keep looking at my exercise bike hahaha

    Hope you’re enjoying the four books you’re reading/listening to.

    Thanks for linking #TalkoftheTown

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  2. Brrr…it is 47 here with a real feel of 31 and I am over it. Plus it has rainy every day making my bones ache. Enjoy your new books and you sound like me I often have an audio, eBook and physical book going all at the same time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s been cool and rainy here all week too, so I can relate. So ready for nicer weather. House of the Bees looks good, and I like that cover of And Then There Were none. I love finding books at thrift stores or used bookstores.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We had a nice day here yesterday and I was so excited and today it is rainy and cold. I just wish it would make up it’s mind 🙂


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