Tuesday Talks :||Book Shopping

This week on Tuesday Talks is Do you shop for specific books or are you a browser? Tuesday Talks is a goodreads group created by Janie and Janelle, where we discuss different topics every week related to books. You can find this group HERE is you are interested in joining.

I find myself more and more finding myself browsing which causes my TBR to grow and my wallet to shrink. There are several ways I shop for books.

  1. My local bookstore – normally when I go to the bookstore I am going for a certain book that I want to purchased. My bookstore is in a very slow mall so I don’t normally visit it. I will normally check prices online compared to my bookstore and if they are the same then I will head to the bookstore.
  2. Used bookstore/Thrift Store – I only have one used bookstore close to me and it is still pretty expensive  so I normally don’t visit it. But I do have a couple thrift stores that carry many things, including cheap books. This is my weakness. I want to stop in a couple times a month and ALWAYS find books that I find interesting.
  3. Amazon/Chapters/Book Depository – I don’t use these places often unless I am looking for a certain book…kind of like shopping at my local bookstore. However, I do browse Amazon for free ebooks at times.
  4. Bookoutlet – this is the option where I spend lots lots and lots of money. I can get lost spending hours browsing bookoutlet. I normally by too many books that I have never heard of because the cheap prices make my mind go numb. I have bought several books in the last couple of months and haven’t got around to reading any of them (hoping to change this soon).
  5. Library – this is the best kind of shopping. You can browse or go for something specific without costing you a dime 🙂


How do you shop for your books? Can you restrain yourself when shopping or does your mind shut off too?


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