March Booktuber/Blogger Recommendations

I know in my last recommendation post I said that I would post 5 booktubers and 5 bloggers every month, but I realized that I don’t read a lot of blogs. I am always looking for new ones so if you have suggestions please leave them in the comments. So, I have decided that I will be adding the booktubers and bloggers in the same post.

This months recommendations are….

(1) April Sarah is a booktuber that is fun to watch. She has a great way in describing the books she reads and gives great book suggestions.

(2) Jade @boho bookworm reads a variety of books and she has a way of making you relax with calmness when she talks about books.

(3) The third is a wonderful funny couple. The booktube couple do book review, discussions, and tags like you have never seen before. They are fun to watch and a must watch.


(4) Then there is a book blog that I came across. Wait, What??!! has book reviews, book tags, and hauls. It covers a variety of young adult books and post a few times a month. 

(5) The last one is a new blogger that I just found. Wendy is a blogger @ Wendy’s Bookshelf, you will find a variety of books and genres. Wendy does Top 5 Wednesday and Tuesday Talks, along with other things. Wendy has also started a booktube channel that you can check out –>>>>here.


Do you have any favorite blogs or booktubers? Do you have any suggestions?


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