February Booktuber Recommendations

Every month I will share my favorite booktubers…because everyone loves shout outs. There are many great booktubers out there that have hundreds and even thousands of subscribes, but there is also many that have under a hundred. My favorite consist of a mixture of both because it is what the people bring to booktube that matters, not the number of subscribers they have. I will be giving a shout out to 5 different booktubers every month in no particular order. I have a lot of favorites 🙂

1. My first booktuber is Sasha over at abookutopia. Sasha was one of my first booktubers that I started watching. She is fun to watch and has some wonderful shelves to look at. She does book reviews, hauls, tags, and more.
2. Then there is Ali over at AliBabaDeBooks. Ali is a fairly new booktuber with a fun personality to watch. She is the creator of YA Warriors which is a book club on goodreads. She does book reviews, tags, and hauls. Ali also started a series of Wednesday Writing videos.
3. You have to check out Malia over at BookParadise. Malia is wonderful to watch with her shining personality. She reads a variety of books along with the normal YA books. She is a new booktuber that does review videos, tags, and more. She has done some reviews on self-help and financial books that is definitely worth checking out.
4. Lindsey Rey has so much exciting energy about books that you can’t help getting excited every time you watch one of her videos. Lindsey reads a lot of young adult, but you will also find some adult and middle school books. Her favorite genres are fantasy, thriller, contemporary, but you can also find other ones in the mix. She does wrap-up videos, tags, hauls, readathons, TBRs and more.


5. Caitlin over at ZombieEatsBooks does hauls, wrap-ups, and TBR videos. She reads a variety of adult books. Her videos are nice to watch and I love watching her wrap-ups to get new book recommendations for adult books.
Those are my 5 booktuber shout outs for this month and will bring 5 more next month. I love watching everyone of their videos. If you have any booktubers that you think I would be interested in, drop be a note down in the comments 🙂 I will be compiling a master list of all booktuber shout outs.



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