Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Fandoms

Today is Top 5 Wednesday #T5W …it is a goodreads group created by Lainey @ her booktube channel gingerreadslainey. This week we are to talk about our top 5 fandoms. I spent the last couple of days trying to do my booktube video on my channel, but I ended up having a fight with my editing programs several times that I gave up and decided to blog my top 5 instead. 

Counting down….

5. Harry Potter

I didn’t read Harry Potter growing up like many did. I was already an adult…in a bit of a reading slump. Harry Potter brought me back to the world of reading and the world of fantasy. 

4. The Mortal Instruments

I love the shadowhunter would, and even though I have not yet finished everything shadowhunterish…I am completely stoked for the new Shawdowhunter TV show starting this month. 

3. Star Wars

What can I say…I have loved star wars since I was in high school. Even though, I love many things I am not one to jump to get the latest thing. So I hang my head in shame to say that I have not watched the new star wars movie, but will wait until the DVD release. 

2. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was probably my first big fandom since I was in high school. I love everything Sailor Moon, and can’t resist buying something when I see it. I am still watching old episodes 🙂

1. Doctor Who

MY FAVORITE….I don’t normally go bonkers over books, tv shows, movies, or anything else, but that all changed when I was introduced to Doctor Who. I love everything Doctor Who, and will buy anything Doctor Who. I heard about it through friends and passed it by on Netflix several times until I decided to check it out…well after binge watching the first 2 seasons I was hooked – for life. 

If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who or even just pondered about watching it….I am screaming at you to go now…now to your netflix and check it out. And recommend that you watch at least 2 seasons before you give up. 

These are my top 5 fandoms…please comment down below and let me know what your favorite fandoms are. If you are interested in following me on my booktube journey then please subscribe to my booktube channel


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