Hello Everyone

My wonderful kindle with my
many many books
Hi, my name is Marie and this is my first post on this blog…testing, testing, 123.
I have decided to branch out into the world of social media. Not that I am new to social media, but I thought it was time to really seriously express my opinions on subjects that I find interesting…mostly books.
I no longer want to stand by the edge of the water barely letting it graze my toes, but have committed myself to at least one year of jumping into the pond. By this, I mean, I am also opening a booktube account to share all my wonderful thoughts in person, plus I love the feel of the booktube community and looking forward in being a part of it.
So, what can you expect here?
Honestly, I am not sure yet. I guess to share my opinions about books and other stuff.
What is other stuff? you may say.
Other stuff is anything that I want to share my opinion on…or maybe just something that I thought you would be interested in. Some topics may include parenting, movies, crocheting/knitting, jewelry making, writing, etc…. I have a lot of interest so my mind jumps around a lot, but I will be doing a lot of bookish related things that I hope everyone enjoys.
Please be patient with me as I try to set everything up and if you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.

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